Sending Loopy Love with Lily’s Kitchen


Lily’s kitchen for a long time have been a favourite of ours.  Yes, I just said ours.  I adopted Oslo – formerly Chance – nearly a year ago today.  I never saw him before I rehomed him, but it was love at first sight.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about his diet and soon learned he has a sensitive tummy (the hard way).

You should always check the ingredients of your pet’s food.  Often, you’ll find some unpleasant added extras to their dinners to bulk them out and prolong their sell by date.  Not with Lily’s!  The ingredients are all natural with no nastiness.  According to my auntie, they’re good enough for human consumption.  It smells good, but I’ll take her word for it.

Oslo and I were excited to be part of Lily’s new campaign where pet lovers share their loopy love for their pet. Do you save some of your meal to feed your four-legged loved one?  Do you sing to your pet? Dance with your pet?  Do you have any other habits that non-pet owners might find weird (I have loads)?  I’d love to hear them.  Tag me in, tag Lily’s Kitchen in and don’t forget to use #itsnotloopy



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