Interview with the Disciples

South London trio, The Disciples, are out spending their summer hopping between festivals and doing a residency in Ibiza.  I decided to catch up with them and get the lowdown.
This is your second year with a residency for Together @ Amnesia, what made you decide to return?
To put it plain and simple, Together showed us the most love and we feel it’s only right to keep rocking with them. We love doing other parties but Amnesia is really special to us and we’re excited to be spending so much time there this summer!
Are you spending most of your summer out here and do you see it as a second home?
Ibiza is now our first home, we are here so much and the amount of flights we have “missed” already just to stay and get that Ibiza energy… you could say we’re locals now haha.
Ibiza is known as the dance capital of the world. What do you think makes it so special? Is there anywhere else in the world that has a dance scene quite like it?
The people make Ibiza what it is – without them it’s just an empty space. This is their time to feel the island, the energy, the history of clubbing and become a part of the Ibiza scene.
Despite being a renowned party island, Ibiza has a growing health community with retreats and spas cropping up everywhere.  Do you guys try and look after yourselves whilst you’re here? 
Duvall actually went to a retreat before our first Amnesia show for a week – he really enjoyed it and was a new man until the day after Amnesia 😉 haha
I recently saw you perform at Snowbombing and have seen you on the lineups for Hideout, V Festival, SW4 and Creamfields to name just a few.  Has the novelty of performing at festivals worn off yet?
No way! For us, this is still fairly new. Last year was our first real run of festival main stages and big tents so we had to adapt quick. We now know how to work that festival crowd for this year and beyond, so the novelty is still strong.
With all the jet-setting, have you had the chance to get back in the studio and work on new music?
Every time we have a day off we are working. Even if we don’t get much done, we are always around music.
Your collaboration with Calvin Harris was a multi-platinum hit. Are there any draw-backs to working with a DJ of his scale?
Maybe… But working with Calvin was dope and getting a taste of that stardom was real!
Can we expect to see any more collaborations in future?
Yeah, why not – music is all about collaborations. We really want to work with people from different scales in the industry, whether it’s working with some super dope unknown artist or just creating something crazy with a big scale name in the game.
What has been your anthem to 2017?
Is it big headed if we say “On My Mind” ?? Lol
In your own words, how would you describe your sound and how do you think it’s evolved in the last few years?
All we can say on that is that we are learning and evolving everyday. We have made some great songs, some have been less impactful than others, but that’s fine because not everyone is going to love everything you make – not everyone loved every song from Michael Jackson! So we’re showing people who we are and what we stand for!
What’s the best piece of advice you were given as up-and-coming artists and are there any pearls of wisdom you can share with us?
Luke Mac: my dad was a DJ and he told me at a young age that I should start to DJ. That, for me, is the best piece of advice I have ever been given as it’s changed my life and I’m sure it’s the same for the boys

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