Seven Pre-Holiday Beauty Tips


When I’m on holiday I want that ‘woke up like this’ feeling, irregardless if it comes entirely naturally.  I don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up and when I’m away I strip it back even further.  I pretty much live in my swimwear, bare feet and Avène’s tinted factor 30. However, there are some of my pre-holiday beauty tips which help me feel effortlessly fabulous for my favourite time(s) of year.


1 Get The Glow Before You Leave The Country

I love the feeling of naturally tanned skinned but, as we all know, a tan isn’t beneficial for your skin.  In fact, it’s the primary cause of ageing.  Every time I go away, I book myself a spray tan.  You can tan through the fake stuff, and it’ll give you extra confidence for your first few days on the beach.

Secret Spa are my secret weapon.  Whether it’s a last minute shoot, red-carpet event or some general maintenance, they are a reliable service that come to your door.  They can sort everything including professional make-up artists, manicurists, waxing to Fake Bake spray tans.  I like to turn up to my holidays hair-free (minus the mane), care-free and with a glow from the get go. They offer a great Summer Ready package for £90 and it includes your tan, gel manicure and pedicure.


2  Up The Ante at F45 Fulham

 There’s no way a toned body can healthily happen overnight.  If you want to trim down, you have to commit to a long-term lifestyle change.  It’s all about upping your exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet.  Two months is there bare minimum you need to make a transformation.  It’s going to be tough to achieve dramatic results, but if it’s something you’re ready for, you should check out F45’s 8 Week Challenge.  F45 is team-based functional training which incorporates a mixture of cardio and high intensity training.  Their challenge also includes a meal-plan so you can achieve maximum results.

I go to the F45 Fulham.  The team are friendly, helpful with plenty advice at hand.  I haven’t yet committed to the challenge, but I am going to have a minimum attendance of twice a week in the lead up to summer. Already it’s massively benefitted me, both mentally and physically.


3 Freeze Stubborn Belly Fat

If you feel like you have stubborn belly fat that won’t budge Cryolipolysis, aka fat freezing, is the most popular non-surgical fat-reduction treatment in the UK.  It uses a handheld device to precisely freeze and destroy fat below the surface of the skin. The results? You can lose up to 20% of the fat two to four months after the treatment.

I visited Regent’s Park Aesthetic – owned by Kay from this interview – to give it a go. I was happy to try it out as it’s totally non-invasive and painless.  This machine sucks up the *ahem* slightly less firm part of your tummy into a plastic tube.  It feels numbingly cold, although totally pain-free, and the treatment lasts for around 60-90 mined.  The results aren’t immediate, but over time my tummy area definitely felt firmer in the places I wanted it to.

It costs around £280 at Regents Park Aesthetic.


4 Enhance your Eyelashes 

When I go on holiday, I like to wear as little make-up as possible.  I rely on having golden skin (enhanced with Tan Maximiser as I go), salty hair (often by using Bumble and Bumble) and some make-up staples.  Your eyes are supposedly the window to your soul, so you need to do your soul justice.  Frame those peepers with long, natural-looking eyelashes with no need for mascara.  Every time I go away I visit Agnes Dos Santos.  They are arguably the best spot in London to get your eyelash fix.  Whether you want a full look, or something more natural, they have a variety of eyelashes and techniques to give you the perfect look.

Agnes Dos Santos is based in Kensington and prices vary from £70 for a half set and around £150 for a full set and it takes just under two hours so don’t forget you’re favourite podcast.  Results last 1-2 months.


5 Check in with your Favourite Colourist

If you want to go looking you’re best, book yourself in for a trim and get those roots sorted.  Once you find a great hairdresser, don’t let them go.  My subtle, ombré locks are the creation of Thanasis, friend and owner of Rene Aubrey.  I only need my colour done every few months as he’s done my colour so wonderfully naturally.  If, like me, your hair suffers from being a little on the dry side, it’s well worth having a treatment too.

Rene Aubrey are located on Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.  Prices vary depending on your hair type and needs.


6 Sharpen up that Smile 

Teeth may not be your pre-holiday priority, but feeling confident about your smile is really important to feeling beautiful inside and out. There are some good home options available but, if you want serious results, I recommend Philips Zoom.  The treatment takes just an hour and a half and can improve results by up to 40%, you also walk away with a kit so you can continue to improve the results.

I recently visited Care Dental Platinum with Dr Safa in Hammersmith.  The salon was an impressive level of luxury and I was really pleased with the results.  My teeth, which were already reasonable white, were lifted four shades.  Treatment here costs around £750.


7 Refresh Your Face 

Even if you think that tan looks healthy, those UV rays aren’t doing anything healthy to your skin.  It’s important that you arrived with hydrated skin and there are a number of great facialists in London – something I’ll be revisiting in greater detail shortly.

I was recently introduced to gorgeous concept store called Threads & Co on Kensington High Street.  Here you’ll find delicious freshly ground coffee (Aussie-approved), beauty treatments and spiritual harmony are united for an incredible experience.  I visited Threads & Co for a shellac pedicure and the most incredible facial.  It’s the perfect pre-holiday sanctuary to recharge your face and soul.  To make it even better, they have a spiritual harmony space where specialists come in for Reiki Healing or tarot reading.


Don’t forget: It’s important to pack some good quality suncream and moisturisers with you.  I always carry Oil of Olay Regenerist, a large bottle of water and a mini Bio Oil for the plane ride so my skin doesn’t dry out.


If you’d like to know more about any of the above or have any specific beauty questions, don’t hesitate to email me or comment below.


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