Milan with Federico Bellini

Jewellery holds a special place in my heart.  Each fine piece of jewellery I own is a work of art, but it’s often the emotion and story behind it that creates true value.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve fallen in love with Federico Bellini’s designs.  The heritage of the brand comes from three generations of jewellers who have transferred their immense knowledge and secrets passed down through generations. He has created beautiful and unique pieces of art made with the traditions, skills and stories of the past.


I was very excited to travel to Italy and go behind the scenes of the luxury jewellery brand, Federico Bellini, and shoot some of the collection.  I flew into the vibrant city of Milan late last Monday night and reluctantly retired to bed ahead of my early start.  In the morning we left for Valenza, located a couple of hours away from Milan.  This seemingly sleepy city, Valenza is still internationally famed for its jewellery craftsmanship and has been home to the generations behind Federico Bellini. It’s one of Italy’s few “gold districts” and somewhere that showcases Made In Italy at its finest.

As we came to an unsuspecting door on a small street, Federico himself greeted us and let us into his factory.  Inside were floors of artisans, every one of them with a specialised role in the process.  Federico gave us a tour of the inside and showed us each stage of production from conception to completion.  It’s fascinating seeing the level of detail that goes into each of his designs and all of the skilled professionals whom are involved in the process.

Of the many stages, we saw drafts of designs, the 3D printing of ring templates being formed, tens of thousands of euros worth of gold being melted down into a rough formation and then goldsmiths casting each piece to perfection.  Each diamond and precious stone’s carefully analysed before it’s placed in a piece of jewellery.  Technology has certainly advanced since Federico’s first generation of jewellers, but still each piece is carefully handmade and requires the attention of so many individuals to get its unique quality.

As it stands, Federico Bellini has created two main contrasting collections for men and women; Tradition and Revolution.  The Tradition collection includes the colourful, fantastical and aptly named Magic collection where each piece is embellished with rare colourful sapphires.  There are also the more classic Poetic and Pure ranges and a bold, romantic, diamond-filled Saint Range.

Revolution, is bold, sexy and daring.  Within it there’s the Heroes collection which features various diamond-encrusted bullets, dog-tags, cufflinks and earrings; these pieces are aimed to be a gift to celebrate a special achievement.  Certainly, something I would’ve loved to receive with any exciting news – family, friends and boyfriend take note!  The Bad Saints collection has the combination of diamonds and skulls.  The Outsiders collection is wildly animalistic and features leather, claws as well as precious stones.

Throughout the ranges, it’s the bullet pendant that embodies all aspects of Federico Bellini and there is one for every personality.  It’s worth noting that every single one of Federico Bellini’s pieces can be personalised and he himself wears a bullet with his initials artistically engraved into the white gold.


Although I am lucky enough to have inherited some beautiful jewellery throughout my life, I love to add to my personal collection.  Federico Bellini’s designs have the perfect merging of tradition and modern design.  With each one I can literally add – well engrave – my own story and have something beautiful and unique to pass down to further generations.

Behind the scenes photos of our shoot in Milan


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